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Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach, Or Fort Lauderdale Beach? Let's Find That Perfect Spot In The Sun! 

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

"Let's go to the beach!!" Says the tourist who never saw a body of water larger than an above ground pool. Sure you want to go to the beach and stretch your buns across the sand but which one though"

You think you're ready for a trip of a lifetime as you overstuffed your luggage with bathing suits, sunscreen and your best blazer and pants. Here we go, its time to fly, you bubble in your seat as you take off, high as the mountain town you may hail from, you yearn for the salty air, the purple sunsets, and the tropical vines. You marvel at downtown Fort Lauderdale as you land at FLL and once you check in to your room... "well, what now" you may think to yourself. Surely you had some type of plan right. "Let's go to the beach!!" Says the tourist who never saw a body of water larger than an above ground pool. Sure you want to go to the beach and stretch your buns across the sand but which one though. It may not sound like a hard question, but it's very true that every beach you go to down here gas a different type of vibe to it. So I'll list off the beaches and its pros and cons... there, that should help a bit worried traveler...

1. Miami Beach (South Beach)

South Beach has a special place in my heart, as it does in the hearts of many Floridians. but after going there to celebrate many birthdays and after many failed dates i really don't like to go there. Not that I wouldn't suggest you go there, I Implore Every Traveler to visit South Beach. It really is a wonderful city, full of history (the Versace Mansion,

Clevelander,) and wonderful hot spots (Lincoln Road Mall, Club Liv) ( once you make through insane traffic). I wouldn't suggest that you drive, since the traffic is that bad, and on weekends (Friday's Included) Parking is Scarce and expensive when available so don't drive there, unless you get off on aggravation which in that case i don't judge

(weirdo). Oh yea, on certain days (Memorial day for example) the crowds there can get pretty huge, and it can take a while before your Uber shows up. The Sheer amount of bars, and nightclubs makes this part of town is perfect for the younger, extroverted crowd.

Pros: Beautiful Beaches, Great Historical landmarks, Lots of things to do, Great Party City, Must See.

Cons: Heavy traffic throughout the day, Expensive parking, may be too loud and crowded for some people.

2. Hollywood Beach

Don't care too much for parties? Want something a little off the beaten path? then Hollywood beach is right for you. The beach stretches from coastal Hollywood north to the Dania beach pier and beyond, towards Port Everglades. A popular destination for snowbirds, there are many bars, eateries, and cafes along the Broadwalk. My favorite beach on

this list because its simple, its popular, but not overpopulated. its definitely a more quiet and subdued than South Beach. There's Margaritaville resort which is huge! and there are also smaller beachfront hotels nearby, as well as many bars and restaurants. the beach gets more residential the further north you go on the Broadwalk. during the summer its a paradise.

beachfront hotels go at at about 1/2 the seasonal rate, and many of the locals are friendly. I definitely recommend Hollywood beach for the older crowd.

Pros: Easy Going, Great Deals In The Summer, Less Crowded Overall

Cons: Parking isn't the best, may be a bit dull for the younger crowd

3. Lauderdale By The Sea

Definitely a great choice for families and couples that want more of a beach experience without much of the vulgarity of South Beach. The are many restaurants and a few pubs strewn about, and the town has a really comfortable vibe. It's not uncommon to see people eating at the local restaurants in their bathing suits. Its almost entirely populated by very

rich retirees, and the luxury beachfront hotels boast wonderful amenities, not for the short of change though. in the spring its a hidden treasure for spring breakers, but heavy partying doesn't really happen there.

Pros: Very family Friendly, Lots of activities, great for spring breakers

Cons: The drawbridge will earn your hate, pretty expensive in the fall/winter traffic can get pretty bad too

4. Haulover Beach

OK.... I'm just gonna start by saying this, depending on which side you're on this beach my not be for you. Let me explain, in addition to the regular beach for the public, There is also a nude beach (for all of you aficionados out there). Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend this if you're bringing the kids along, but the nude area is of course separated and out of view from the public area. Also for the fellas reading thinking they're just gonna see a bunch of hot naked chicks running about; OK.. while that USED to be true, and I guess spring break will always be a thing, For the most part, no, just no.... If you're a guy i can tell you what you can expect to see. Go look in a mirror now whip your balls out. Seriously, you see those

things just hanging around.. now age them by 40 years.. and they're you go. Like seriously bro just old balls everywhere, save yourself the trauma, i wish i did,

Pros: Party atmosphere, great for the free spirited, great location

Cons: not really any honestly... i guess sometimes traffic lesving the beach can suck but its better to deal with than south beach

5. Dania Beach

Sooo... moving on... Maybe you're not impressed with the entries so far, Maybe you don't care for the crowds of South Beach,the family friendliness of Lauderdale by the sea, the homeliness of Hollywood beach or the old balls of Haulover beach. Maybe you're of a simpler ilk, the type that just wants to do nothing.. more.. than.. to.. fish. Well Dania Beach is for you, the Dania Beach Pier is a must see with its impressive views, shops and generally laid back vibe. Dania beach boasts the Quarterdeck, A restaurant that is a staple in the area. fishing is allowed on the pier from 6am to 12am so there's plenty of time to make a catch. I recommend this for the older crowd, but families will be happy here too.

Pros: Great atmosphere, great food nearby, fishing allowed

Cons: Not really many, the drawbridge going there can be annoying, but thats par for the course with the beaches up here.